Changing People's Lives


Our goal is to find you Top Talent that can and will transform your organization.

There are 10 significant benefits when using Rogue Search:

  • Pipeline of quality candidates
    • When engaging RogueSearch, we provide a slate of candidates sourced and contacted for your specific search.  
  • VIP Candidate experience:
    • It is difficult to provide a VIP experience to the thousands of candidates that apply to an internal posting. Our target sourcing strategy allows us to provide a ‘high-touch’ experience to each and every candidate.
  • Feedback on your employer brand
    • Being a neutral third-party partner, we can capture insights related to your employment brand that candidates often won’t share with an internal resource.
  • Market Intelligence
    • We capture and provide value insights related to compensation pay ranges, competitor organizational structures, etc.
  • Concierge-level Service
    • We provide attentive service from beginning to end. This includes assistance in developing your job description/value proposition, scheduling interviews, providing feedback to candidates not selected, offer/negotiation and effective communication thru new hire orientation.
  • Passive Candidate Slate
    • We identify and recruit candidates that are NOT currently seeking employment or found thru traditional recruitment methods (job postings, indeed, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • Direct Sourcing from your Competitors
    • It is often difficult for you to directly recruit from your competition. We can provide targeted recruitment services to ensure you are getting a quality, diverse slate of candidates with 100% of the market (not just the 30% looking).
  • Confidential Discussions with top talent
    • If a professional is not looking for a new job but are curious about a particular organization there is a risk associated with talking to an “internal” resource. Our job is to have the confidential discussions with Top Talent without risk to their current employer finding out 😊.
  • ON Demand Service
    • You only pay us when we deliver a quality new hire. You only use us when you need us.
  • Changing People’s Lives
    • Most of the people we recruit are NOT looking for new opportunities.  We engage, enlighten, see if there is a match then make the match.  And change people’s lives as a result of it.


RogueSearch has helped thousands of corporate recruitment professionals from over 2500 companies within every major industry segment with their varied recruitment needs.

While this experience has provided us with a strong understanding of the unique challenges every industry faces, it has also provided us with the capability of quickly identifying new challenges and developing solutions to recruit top talent while reducing cost and waste in the staffing process.

From our perspective, there is clearly more similarities than differences across industry segments. However, we believe it is just as important to understand a company’s unique culture in order to identify and recruit talent that will thrive in your firm.

Following industry segments are ones where we have particularly strong expertise:

  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Consumer Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Transportation/Logistics

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