Why are you working with so many Search Firms?

Why are you working with so many Search Firms?

Many Hiring Leaders believe in the outdated practice of using multiple firms to fill the same position. 

This history of this practice goes back to the advent of Vendor Management Systems and rooted on the principle of “More is better”.   The more search firms you have working your position, the more candidates you will have.  And the more competition you create will get them to react faster.

While at the time, this theory seemed to make sense, we quickly found that MORE is not better when trying to fill a position. 

Here are 4 critical reasons why:

  1. Time:
    1. Repeat Elevator Pitches: How many hours do you really have available to meet with Search Firms?  Every conversation is a repeat of the last… your company information/organizational structure/the position, the “why” work for us, “why” the position is open.
    2. Search Firm Management:  In addition to your normal emails/phone calls now you have multiple recruiters emailing/calling you for status/feedback /updates. Pick one and schedule a weekly call!
    3. Drama – Repeat Candidates: How many times have you received repeat resumes from different vendors?  Now you must have the chat with each firm engaged on who sent what resume first and who really talked to the candidate first etc…   Skip the Drama!
    4. Tracking Candidate Source: Do you really have time to keep track where each candidate came from?
    5. Email / Phone Call Repeat:  The dreaded repeat questions and answers.
    6. Repeat Disqualified: You dinged a candidate from one vendor but didn’t tell another vendor and that vendor resubmits the same candidate.  Candidates don’t always tell the Search Firms if they have been submitted and rejected.
    7. Simple: Your job should be easier not harder.  Working with a Search Firm allows you to delegate, allowing more time spent on non-recruiting initiatives! 
  1. Money:
    1. What is YOUR hourly cost?  Hours spent with each firm costs you and your company valuable money!
    2. Savings: One Firm – negotiate Volume discount on placements!  Win/Win for both you and the Search Firm.
  1. Your Company’s Reputation
    1. Are you Desperate: If more than one vendor is reaching out to a candidate about the same position, candidates fear the Company is “desperate”.  It can be a red flag to the candidate.  
    2. YOU: the better a firm gets to know you and your organization through partnering on staffing, the better the firm can represent you and your team/organization.  Culture is KEY!
    3. Genuine: Work with a firm who BELIEVES in your Culture/Brand/Model and doesn’t have to “sell” your Company every time there’s a new job opening.    
  1. Quality of Partner
    1. Great Search Firms don’t work searches with multiple vendors: The best search firms find clients that understand it is best to build a partnership with one firm when filling a position for all the reasons outlined.  So by deploying this tactic, you might not be getting the best partner to assist you in hiring Top Talent.

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