When Hiring and Interviewing

When Hiring and Interviewing

Dear Hiring Managers:


When hiring and interviewing potential Candidates please remember what it’s like to be on the other side of the Desk:


Treat candidates as if they were family members (the ones you like preferably).  Throughout this Covid19 time I have had the opportunity to speak / connect with several Executives / VP’s who unfortunately were affected by the downturn and lost their jobs. As we discussed their job search and status of interviews, I sensed an uneasiness in their voice.  Why? 

I heard Statements like

    • I thought it went well.
    • They said I had the right skill set.
    • I sent over my resume a few weeks ago but haven’t heard anything.
    • I sent a thank you email but no response.
    • They said they would be in touch next week and it has been 3.
    • I saw the position was just re-posted.

I realize there are only so many hours in a day and recruiting is not your full time job, but there is a heart and soul to all of these people who you meet! They are fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters …… you get the point! I bet if you thought of these candidates like a family member you would be sure to treat them with more love and respect.

Please Communicate: Lasting impressions for you and your organization matter: So, no matter what… leave all candidates with a positive lasting impression even if you don’t offer them a job!  You never know when you will be meeting that person again or who that person knows.  A thank you / no thank you email or call takes no more than 5 mins and could result in a referral to your top candidate.


And to all those Executives/VPs who were in the hiring chair previously, and will be again please take your candidate experience, and make sure to make a difference when hiring again! Be that great communicator who everyone would love to work for!

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