The ‘Downside’ of Extensive Industry Experience

The ‘Downside’ of Extensive Industry Experience

The most common question we are asked when engaging a new client is “How much experience do you have in our industry and our market?”. 

And while in theory this is a fair question, there is a ‘downside’ to extensive industry and/or market experience . . .

  • If the Search Firm you are engaging with has extensive industry/market experience, then they are likely working with your competitors – the same competitors you would like to recruit talent from!

What’s Wrong with Industry Experience?

It puts the Search Firm in a morale & ethical dilemma. Whether it is contractually agreed to or not, most ethical search firms “won’t rob Peter to pay Paul”.  In other words, they don’t recruit from their clients. And if they can’t recruit from their clients, it severely limits access to 100% of the market and the number of available candidates!

How is RogueSearch Different: “Diversification”

  • At RogueSearch, we strategically work a diverse group of industries and markets, recognizing we can only work with a select few companies. The only way we morally and ethically recruit top talent from your competitor is by not working with everyone in your industry.
  • RogueSearch educates our clients about the ‘downside’ to extensive industry or market experience.
  • RogueSearch understands the importance of a strong network within an industry but more importantly having an elite recruiter with the ability to recruit 100% of the market – – not just a segment of it is more important.

When selecting your next Search Firm be sure to have dialogue related to this topic.  Make sure you are comfortable with their recruiting strategy for your positions.

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