Requisition Management – Time to do some Spring Cleaning

Requisition Management – Time to do some Spring Cleaning

For most of us, we have seen a pause in hiring non-essential positions.  

While this is not ideal to say the least – – we need to take advantage of this opportunity to do some Requisition Management – Spring Cleaning.

Just like cleaning out your kitchen pantry – take your current open requisition report – sort by days open (oldest to newest) and start cleaning it up! 

Ok – maybe it’s not as easy as that 😊.  There can be many factors as to why a position has stayed open more than 90 days.   

Here are some practical tactics you can take to clean up your req’s before the hiring freeze is lifted!

  • STACK: As mentioned, start with stack ranking all open positions – oldest to newest  
  • OLDEST: Starting from the top (oldest req.), analyze why it is still open.  Usually it falls into 1 of 3 categories:
    1. Process Issue with Hiring Manager – You are identifying and submitting qualified applicants but not getting a hire over the goal line.  Root cause issue might be the manager is moving too slow, not providing timely communication on candidate’s after interviews, etc. 
    2. Unrealistic Expectation – While the manager might be engaged, there is something about the open positions that makes it unrealistic to find qualified candidates (aka – The Purple squirrel).  Root Cause issue could be work schedule, skill/compensation inequity, etc.
    3. Sourcing – The manager is engaged and for the most part, the expectations are realistic.  We just need to find qualified candidates and get them in the process!
  • HIGHLIGHT: Another layer to the analysis should be to highlight in green any requisitions that is critical-to-fill.  While most managers would argue that all of their positions are critical to fill . . . think operational performance:
    • Impacts revenue
    • High Cost of Vacancy (contract labor spend, etc.)
    • Negatively impacts turnover
  • DETERMINE: Once you have finished your analysis, you need to determine your recommended action on the requisition.
    • Meet with manager to implement a lean, efficient hiring process and set Service Level Agreements
    • Work with manager to set realistic expectations on the position requirements
    • Cancel requisition because it is not needed
    • Develop a sourcing strategy to find candidates, etc.
  • ACTION: Can you take action by yourself or need reinforcement? While requisition management is not rocket science, it is not always easy.  You might need to enlist your manager or your hiring manager’s leader for support to deal with the situation. Don’t be embarrassed to call on your support network, that is what they are there for (Leaders – make sure you are there for your frontline recruiters 😊).
  • CHECK-INs: Ensure you have consistent status check-ins with your hiring leaders. Probably the biggest contributing reason to aging requisitions is there is no consistent communication with the recruiter and hiring leader.  60, 90, 120 days can go fast when you are managing 40-50++ positions at any given time.  A regular communication rhythm can solve this problem. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN!

This is a unique opportunity for most recruiters to do some req. management spring cleaning. Take advantage of this time before the req’s start to creep back into our inbox!

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