Are You Working With Recruiters at The Top of Their Profession?

Are You Working With Recruiters at The Top of Their Profession?

Malcolm Gladwell discussed in his bestseller, “Outliers “, that to become an expert it takes roughly 10,000 hours of deliberate practice.

We believe this holds true with being an Expert in the Recruitment Profession. While there is STILL not a formal 4-year degree in Recruitment (don’t get us started on that!), there truly is an Art & Science to Recruitment.

I am proud to say that I founded The Recruiter Academy in 1997 to provide a formalized, structured Education Program for recruiters. Since that time, The Recruiter Academy has trained over 15,000 recruiters worldwide.

During our research building this Program identified 18 different competencies and skills a recruiter must master to become an Elite Recruiter! We firmly believe working with Elite, ethical recruiters who perform at the ‘Top of Their Profession’ is critical to successfully filling difficult to fill positions.

Unfortunately, since recruitment is not a licensed profession, barriers to entry to work for most Search Firms is very low. Many Search Firms, especially RPO’s (that have a very low cost of service) hire entry level individuals who struggle to find, engage, and hire top talent.

Now just because you have 10,000 hours of experience doesn’t mean you are an expert at what you do. With that said, formal education + 10,000 hours of experience probably correlates to better performance most of the time.

When engaging a Search Firm, I would encourage you to ask who is going to be working on the search, contacting candidates on your behalf. Remember – they will be reaching out to prospects discussing opportunities at your firm. Their ethics, integrity, and professionalism (or lack thereof) will impact your brand in the marketplace.

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