21 Day Learning Challenge!

21 Day Learning Challenge!

Good Sunday:

One of the many ‘silver linings’ that has come out of this crisis for me is getting back to:

  • Journaling each morning
  • Reading educational/inspirational books, articles, blogs, etc.  

This has helped me maintain a positive, clear mindset and incubate new ideas I have already implemented into my professional and personal life!

Everyone I know who is sticking to this discipline is preaching the priceless value it has brought to them each and every day. 

I invite you to participate in a 21-day Learning challenge! 

To make it easy, I am going to recommend you find one GREAT ARTICLE we have posted on both our www.roguetalent.org & www.roguesearch.com websites.

Kathryn Dudley from RogueSearch has been sharing Great Articles to Hiring Leaders, HR, and recruitment professionals daily for the last three years.  Through this effort, she has generated a following of over 1,500 folks in LinkedIn.   We have just updated our sites to include articles posted over the last six months.

21-Day Learning Challenge Guidelines:

  • Find an article of interest read it BEFORE YOU START EACH DAY!
  • Think of how you can use the information in your professional/personal life.
  • After you read it, pay it forward and share with individuals you think will find it of value.
    • Maybe share at one of your team’s virtual meetings?   

If you are not doing this today – – YOU NEED TO START TOMORROW MORNING! 

21 days will take you to the beginning of May 😊!

I hope you have a great start to your week.

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