About Rogue Search

RogueSearch has over 23 years of providing consulting, training and recruitment services to respected organizations throughout the nation! 

During this time, we have found many recruitment Search Firms that are trying to hang on to outdated strategies, policies and logic that just doesn’t make sense anymore including:

  • The higher the level of search, the higher percentage fee you pay
  • Fee Guarantee periods that don’t exceed your own internal retention performance
  • Don’t partner with Human Resources, only work with Hiring Managers

Time for a change.  Time to partner with RogueSearch

RogueSearch (www.roguesearch.com) believes organizations should use Recruitment Search Firms.  It should be part of their overall recruitment strategy when there is significant ROI.  

You should use RogueSearch when:

  • Your organization has a Confidential Search
  • You need to fill a critical position ASAP and you don’t have the resources/time to do it
  • The position is so unique, it doesn’t make sense to dedicate internal resources to filling it
  • You are seeking neutral competitive intelligence on your specific labor market

New Decade. Time for a Change.  www.roguesearch.com